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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Mrs Taylor is the teacher in 5T and Mr Foster is the teacher in 5F. Miss S. Williams is the teaching assistant working with both classes.

Homework (Autumn Term)

Each week, your child will be set maths and English homework including spellings. These will all be web-based. To access some of the homework, your child will need their personal log-ins which are stuck on the log-in page towards the front of their school planner. In the event that the planner is not at home, you may wish to copy these. 


Maths = A weekly unit and TT Rockstars battle.

English = This will alternate between spellings via Spelling Shed and 


We still expect children to be reading at least 3 times a week and changing their book once a week. This can be done on any day.




Reading Books

Your child should now be bringing home a reading book every week to share with you. When your child is ready to change their book, we recommend a weekly change. Please sign their planner to confirm that the book has been read and it is their responsibility to place the reading book with their name on in the classroom box. The emphasis this year for reading is Inference. Please ask questions and discuss the text with your child to ensure they fully understand what they have read.

Frequent reading sessions at home with a parent is key to a child’s success in reading, but also in many other areas of the curriculum. Shared reading and discussion of the story are very helpful. Please encourage your child to read with expression and to express opinions about the characters in the story, the plot, and what might happen next to further develop their inference skills.


Please help your child with their mental manipulation of numbers to increase their confidence and speed. They will need to know their tables off by heart and be able to recall multiplication facts out of context and possibly using a range of vocabulary e.g. What is six lots of five, or six times five. What happens if you divide thirty by five? What are the multiples of five to fifty? What is the product of 6 and 5?  These are great for long car journeys or bath times! Every child has a TTRockstars log-on where they can easily practise their tables through play.

If you would like to do additional English & Maths work at home with your child, we recommend the Year Five workout books, published by CGPbooks, which can be purchased on line (
Water Bottles
Please ensure your child brings a named bottle to school every day, filled only with still, plain water. They must take this home each day after school so that it can be washed.
Please ensure your entire child's uniform and PE kit is named and in school on a Monday to be used that week. This term our PE days are: Tuesday and Thursday.



We encourage healthy snacks. We ask that your child does not bring chocolate bars, crisps or sweets to school.
Urgent messages can be passed to the teachers via Mrs Pritchard in the school office, by phone (01613384290) or e-mail If you wish to contact the teachers please use your child’s planner to liaise with staff. We have adopted a paperless system and will send home letters via ParentMail and all copies of letters can be found on the school website.  

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind Regards,


Mrs Taylor and Mr Foster