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Maths Statement of Intent


Mathematics is important in everyday life. It is integral to all aspects of life and, with this in mind; we endeavour to ensure that our pupils develop a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards mathematics that will stay with them. The mathematics curriculum equips pupils with a powerful set

of tools to help them understand and change the world.


Mathematics at Stalyhill is taught using a mastery approach, which has number at its heart. We strive towards shaping assured, happy and resilient mathematicians who relish the challenge of maths. The children shall become independent, reflective thinkers, whose skills not only liberate them in maths but also support them across the curriculum.


The basis for our planning and curriculum content are the White Rose Maths Hub’s schemes of learning. Within our curriculum, a large proportion of time is spent reinforcing number to build competency and support the idea that a depth of knowledge comes before a breadth of knowledge. Once their fluency is secure the children will then be provided with a range of opportunities to apply their skills into both reasoning and problem solving questions.


The basis for our teaching is the use of a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach in line with White Rose. When introduced to a new concept, children should have the opportunity to build competency by going through the necessary stages to embed understanding. These are:


  • Concrete – children should have the opportunity to use concrete objects and manipulatives to help them understand what they are doing.
  • Pictorial – alongside this, children should use pictorial representations. These representations can then be used to help reason and solve problems.
  • Abstract – both concrete and pictorial representations should support children’s understanding of abstract methods.

Written Method Tutorial Videos

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Written Multiplication Tutorial

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Written Subtraction Tutorial

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Maths in Action

As part of our learning at Stalyhill, we aim to make learning practical wherever possible in Maths. Here is some of the learning that has taken place so far...



When it comes to times tables, speed AND accuracy are important – the more facts your child remembers, the easier it is for them to do harder calculations. Times Table Rock Stars is a fun and challenging programme designed to help pupils master the times tables. To be a Times Table Rock Star you need to answer any multiplication fact up to 12×12 in less than 3 seconds!


All children from Years 3 - 6 have a password and should be using them at home and school. 


To begin with, if you need more than 10 seconds to answer questions correctly, you are a rock 'wannabe'.


You will climb up the ladder of rock stardom as you get quicker at answering questions accurately - so 6 seconds or less you will become a 'breakthrough artist' and at 4 seconds or less you will become a 'headliner'.


Your aim is to become a 'rock star' - you will achieve this when you can answer times tables questions correctly in 3 seconds or less. If your recall becomes even quicker you can become a 'rock hero' and, finally, a 'rock god'!

Home Learning

We believe children can learn all the time therefore please find below a variety of recommended websites. Your child/ren have got their own log on details. Teachers may use these websites (e.g. TTRockstars) to set homework and engage our children in fun, stimulating and challenging activities.