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Year 2

Information for Year 2 Pupils and Parents/ Carers


We are looking forward to meeting lots of new faces in September! Please see the information below which should help you feel more prepared about joining our school. 



19  things you need to know about Stalyhill Junior School

by Year 6



  1. You can sit wherever you want to at lunchtime.
  2. You don’t have to ask when you want to turn your tray round.
  3. At dinner time, you don’t have to ask if you’re allowed to take your tray back.
  4. The tray in your classroom is under your desk.
  5. We do P.E twice a week and we do lots of different sports.
  6. Children who have a school dinner must use a knife and fork.
  7. You get rewards such as Bingo points.
  8. You get muddy in outdooor learning and in the garden.
  9. We take turns to play in different parts of the playground
  10.  One some days at playtime and lunchtime you can play football. The lunchtime supervisors set up other sports too like basketball and volleyball and you can play with Lego or do colouring in at lunchtime.
  11. When the weather is nice and the field is dry we can play on it.
  12. There are lots of lunchtime and after school clubs you can do like playing an instrument, chess and choir.
  13. In Y3 you will learn how to play chess.
  14. In Y4 you will learn how to play a brass instrument.
  15. In Y3,4 and 5 you will go for swimming lessons.
  16. We start school at 8:45 and finish at 3pm.
  17. You will be in a house point team (Oak, Elm, Ash and Yew). If you get the most house points at the end of a half term you get to have a non-uniform day.
  18. You can wear trainers for P.E.
  19. You have to bring your own healthy snack for playtimes.